6 Benefits of Business Blogging

Blogging. Everyone’s doing it, but what are the benefits? Why should you be investing your time in blogging for your business? After all, who wants to get weekly or daily updates about your boring blue widget product?

Well, you might be surprised. No matter what the industry, there is always someone who is incredibly interested and enthusiastic about your products. Here are 6 reasons you should be blogging for your business:

  • Google loves new, fresh content. Regularly blogging gives Google what it wants; relevant, regular, unique, specialist subject content.
  • External links to your website increase your authority. Authority increases your rankings. So blogging and creating or curating content that incentives people to link to your content will therefore help your rankings in the long term.
  • Creating great content that people want to share and link to will also be shared by others through social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms are becoming more and more important in the world of search. Blogging will help your business start using them as an additional channel to push through content.
  • Blogging also adds more pages to your website. Not only does Google look kindly upon most large sites and growing sites, but adding more pages increases the potential for your site to gain more authority. Keep growing your website’s content and in the long term, you’ll see your rankings increase.
  • As you write more and more the subjects you cover within your specialist vertical will also vary. Therefore, the ‘keywords’ you use will vary more and more from post to post. This is a good thing; as your authority grows the increasing content opens the door of opportunity for your site to start ranking for a wider range of phrases,
  • Finally, writing consistently and regularly will start to build a following. Over time, this will grow you into a thought leader for your industry. This will do great things for company credibility and authority ultimately increasing leads and increasing brand reach.

Consistency, uniqueness, incentivising and thought provoking writing is the key. Don’t try to sell to your audience, try to educate them and provide them with information. As a final thought, think about the buyer process and write content that accommodates and supports particular stages of that process. You may find your blog generates direct leads in doing so because you provided your prospect with exactly the information they needed at just the right time.

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