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What you see here started in February 2011. About 3 months ago I finally got it to a point where I felt I could start posting content. But there are still many things planned.


Even for a piddly little blog like this, or a huge website, security is important and shouldn’t be neglected. I’m slowly integrating additional security layers in order to protect my content, the hardware it works on and my own interests. Smashing Magazine posted a great piece on WordPress security improvements. If you have WordPress I recommend you take a read and action the points therein.

The Gallery

Although I’ve already started to build my photo gallery, there’s still plenty more I want to add to it. I have a Motorsport collection coming soon that I’m eager to showcase. Once I’m back from my snowboarding trip to Italy in January, I may put up some ‘winter sports’ orientated images and video too. I’m using NextGen for the gallery which works well. I’m also integrating it into the 2351 Squadron website I’m working on.

Captions and source

The Internet is an information high way. It’s also an image and video highway. Depending on where you source your images from, it’s always good practice (and often a requirement of using imagery) to reference the source. I’m a keen practitioner of this as I would like anyone using my images to do the same. Currently, any images as such I link them. However, I’m working on adding an item to WordPress that allows me add a ‘source’ from the admin screen that produces an automatic ‘source’ link under the image that links through to the original image.

Older posts

If you haven’t already noticed, the ‘older posts’ button at the bottom of each category page, well, sucks. So I’m going to be re-doing them too. Nothing major, as I like the concept, they just need some visual uplifting from the default state they’re currently in. Inherited from the original template I used that comes with WordPress.

Footer links

Yep, my footer links aren’t complete, go take a look. Looked? Crap right! “Another link” doesn’t really help anyone and as a search marketer it really bugs me that I haven’t done this yet! But hey, getting consistent content onto the site is more important than adding in some footer links, so priorities took over there! I’ll be placing a link through to the major locations of the site. I tend not to use the built in functionality of the WordPress admin for footers. I prefer coding this sort of thing hard into the template.

Category and link

In what is known as the ‘loop’ (the home page and category pages of my site feature it) which is basically where the posts are shown on the page, I have the date beneath the title. Originally, the author and category were here too. However I removed them because they were ‘default’ and I don’t think there’ll ever be another regular author than myself on here, so I removed that. However, over time I’ve come to think that including the ‘category’ along with a link may be useful. Especially for those readers with an active interest in particular categories who scan the home page for new posts. So I’ll also be placing this in soon too!

So there are the future changes I have planned for the blog. At least for the next 6 months most likely anyway. There may be other improvements along the way, suggestions? Please let me know!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just suddenly thought! I’m also planning on creating a mobile optimised version of the site for those readers on smart phones too!

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