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Difference between affect and effect

“This will have an affect on the outcome”. “This will have an effect on the outcome” – which one’s right? Which one’s wrong? Here’s an easy way to remember which way round they go.
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What FSX is missing

Two things FSX is missing

I love FSX, especially having upgraded my PC substantially to take further advantage of what the world’s leading flight simulator has to offer. Being an FSX zealot I have a lot of plugins
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A great product, a great idea

The digital age is wonderful if your a new parent. From handy apps that record birth progress to digital video and photos that last a life time and don’t take up cupboard space. But sometimes it’s nice to have something tangible.
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Diamond DA20 for FSX

The default aircraft for FSX are great for hopping into and taking a jolly around the virtual countryside in. The Cub, the Bravo, the Cessna are all very simplistic in their modelling and the experience they give you as a pixel soarer.
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Making FSX Awesome

Slick and Smooth Flight Sim X

I love planes. You’ve probably gathered that already right?! I’m also a prolific pixel pilot, I class playing Flight Simulator X as a hobby; I would also go as far as saying that
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